Friday, October 12, 2012

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is here!

Holy Cow! It has been a LOOOONG time since my last post!

Well well well I do have my new baby here, Miles and he is DARLING! Just saying! He came August 17th. It was a very short fast delivery and stay at the hospital which= happiness in my book.
However I forget about hte post baby things that can have a not so pleasant feeling and dealing with.
My Miles was not grasping on (correctly) to my boobies a few days after we got home. Which meant I got bigger, and infected with Matistits (?) NOT FUN!!! I looked like i had porn boobs or dolly parton boobs, they were so heavy, so sensitive, I had to take a shower and as I was crying of the amount of pain it was I had to literally hold my boobs up to have some relief.  My Miles was trying So many times to latch on and he could n't hence being to big. I felt SO sorry for him it was making me cry and very frustrated , he was going hungry, I was in pain, it was so hard to see him try so many times and then it not work for him. That was the most heartbreaking thing about it.

truly it was the worst pain and never knew my boobs could hurt that BAD! THANKFULLY  I learned about this Nipple "Shield".  I called the lactating nurses where I delivered, went in for a lil help and she showed me this nifty tool/product. I cried I was so happy this was so much easier, he latched on like a charm, I was getting the relief I needed. Overall happy! This Medella nipple shiled acts as a suction cup and nipple extender. PURE GENIUS! It is made out of plastic, rubber and sticks on to your bare skin. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! So grateful for it!

It is amazing what we go thru for these cute lil babies of ours, but I am a firm believer my breast milk is best for my lil one. I don't want to do formula til he is older and if I have to. I love what it does for him and helps me too. There is a sweet bonding feeling too that is unexplainable unless you have breastfed. I truly love many aspects of being a mom, having a newborn here,

So with this New baby, my favorite time of year, FALL, and because I can I have a great Giveaway going on right now for a FULL DIY PARTY PACKAGE from my shoppe. Oh Yes! it is true.
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I know many of you know that I have lupus and I have been writing a post about it, editing it ( i have a tendency to go on tangents), and it is almost done hopefully soon. I find it interesting what is given to us while we are here on earth. what we let get us down or interefere with our happiness and those trials that pick us up and never give up! I wish some of these smaller things were as "easy" to deal with as my trial of lupus was/has been.

well, here is a cute picture of my lil one just after bath time :)
hopefully i can stay a lilmore consistent with posts and get on to doign more hands on crafts..ahh so many things I want to do :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello, So this weekend are you ready for your BBQ to celebrate and remember the fallen heroes of all kinds. Those who have served this country and those who have passed on and "served" in many other ways.

I feel blessed to know that I will see those who have passed on again and that gives me and i know many others great comfort. There is more to this life and more to when we pass on. We just aren't there on the other side to know all that it encompasses. Life is hard and will always be hard...we all will die and experience the beauty and the more that this life is all about.

to all the fallen heroes to help this country continue to be the USA and the lives that we have lost. Thank you!

I thought it would be quite appropriate to make some cute toppers to help celebrate this weekend, well monday and made it affordable for all. $5 for a 8.5x11 PDF Printable.

Visit my etsy shop to get yours HERE...

I know it can be hard times, SO I wanted everyone who came in sight with this to afford it!
If you cant afford the $5.. but would LOVE to have this. I have made
a download for you to have here:
May You All Have a Wonderful Memorial Day!

Best to you and yours,

Little Miss Missy

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

forgot link for bella bazaar

Yes, I am pregnant. have you noticed? I forgot to put in the pic for the Bella Bazaar info.
Here you are :)...

Oh what fun it is to...Have Primary Bookmarks!!

Yes Yes..the day is finally here. You wonderful people have given me great feedback and mentioned your requests of items you would like to the top request is for Primary bookmarks!

Being sold as a set of 4,  I love to see the temple, Choose the Right, Did you think to Pray, and I am a child of God!! Adorable fun, bright colors for any age!! If you need more than the set, message or email me and I will make a custom listing for you on etsy to purchase.
If you don't do etsy, but have a credit card I can charge you thru paypal. It's that easy.

I hope you enjoy them. I have them on hand today so start your order!

They are available at my show in Provo. I am going to be a vendor at the Bella Bazaar this Friday and Saturday. These and many ohter items that I sell will be there, so will I for most of the show. Come say hi, eat some yummy goodies, and shop all around! So many vendors of all kinds..see image below for details!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

April General Conference- Free Printables

Oh how I loved conference this past weekend! It truly is a breath of fresh air to let us all know we are ok, we need do to better however, or there are plenty of htings to change and be more like our Savior.
I love the men of this church, the apostles and prophet, I love how intuned they are, their sincerity, their love, and their strong unfailing testimony of this beautiful work. Life is hard, we all know this and it is goign to continue to do so SO ARE WE STRONG ENOUGH FOR THE CHALLENGES TO COME? Now is the time to strengthen our weaknesses..and to what I loved to gossiping (it seems like I am surrounded by it 10 fold) just STOP IT!

Well, here are a few FREE printables of the lovely talks that stood out to me. I missed a whole session (i know i know due to sleeping and being prego). I am going to listen and hey maybe you will get some more free printables out of it :)

. You are welcome to share these and share on your blog, just send them to here :). All the links are listed first, in the order as they are shown, here they are :):

 and now for easter on its way...MUAH! Love this time of year :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's been awhile- and some Kentucky Derby themes

Wow, It has been a looooooong time since I wrote last. First trimester is over (YAY!) and I feel like I def have more energy and not as sick as I was...but now heartburn has been visiting alil more frequently and not fun. I didn't get this way til the last 2 months of my pregnancy with Max. Either way I will get a prescription for heart burn. I dont need it any worse.

We got back from our first family road trip..and of course we went to of all places Disneyland. Yes, over presidents day! It WAS SO BUSY!! But fun to see my boys face! HE loved it! Still pretty young to take it all in, but I was overall impressed of how he was in a hotel crib, new place...Next time I will get him a separate room so the husband and i can stay up .

So...I have been busy with some fun things and wanted to share..
I created some book covers for shannon foster of blog..Now available for Easter Gifts and just a nice study guide for all of "Names of Christ" it has 70 names she included to disect, study and then a few extra spots for us to find more! I truly can't wait to get my copy. See covers below :)


Also, I recently just got done (like an hour ago) with a darling Bridal Invite. The theme: Kentucky Derby (which includes fancy dresses, hats, roses and feathers) so here is what I came up with. It will be fun to see which one the customer chooses. SO fun! I love what I do! I had so many different styles in my mind that I coudlnt get them all down fast enough, but here they are: Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite?

Also, if YOU want a custom design for your next party event..message me I would love to help you with yours. They start at $15 and depending on a few details go up to about $35.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guess What??

We are making it a little more official , with a design of course, hopefully it's not too small of text to read it, if so maybe you need to go to the eye doctor..hehehe jk ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

"Sweet 34"

happy birthday to me! happy birthday to me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME...happy birthday to moi!

yes it is is my birthday and i am the big 34 ! HOLLA!
my agenda for my birthday day :
sleep in til 7am
take prenatal
eat breakfast with cute max and dad
read thomas the train combo books atleast 10 times each
fill etsy orders
return redbox
go for run with max
go to park
make changes on etsy store while max sleeps
create more pieces for birthdays
3:00 nate berkus show- unless its a rerun
get things ready for gma & gpa to babysitt
shower get ready for bday dinner
announce winner for DIY Party Package on fb
bday dinner with hubby at the Mandarin (YUM!)

so far we are doing great! check check and check!

i dont feel much older until max and i took a walk to the park and decided to run. well many of you may know when you try to run when you havent for a few months its not the easiest to get back into. so our run quickly turned into a walk and day at the park.  YEP day at the park in january. it is gorgeous here in utah, no snow. not much moisture except for what i found on my buttocks and legs after going down the slide. So, all of you fellow farmington friends, the middle slide is dry. :) 

well, I am happy to announce that there are two giveaways going on.
There is just a few more hours for one, my DIY Party package Giveaway
on my facebook page. so if you havent liked my little miss missy fb page you still have a few more hours to do so! You can win the whole deal. invite, cupcake toppers, thank yous, banner, welcome sign, entree labels, guest name placements/toppers. Yeah, pretty awesome!

and for the other giveaway... on
you have a chance to win 4, 8x10 of my prints! Shannon, the redheaded hostess has such a darling blog and I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with her on a few projects. She is such a delight!
So become a follower of her blog and enter to win!

2 great giveaways!

heres to another year! cheers!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, NEW YOU!

Hello All and WELCOME 2012!

My 2011 was actually a good year but I love looking forward to new changes,  new adventures, new opportunities and NEW BABIES!! I am prego and so excited for this lil spirit to get here!
So far this pregnancy has been a lil different from Max, my first. I have been so nauscious, no appetite, so moody and hormones are flying and my heart burn has started early (NOT COOL) My own thoughts are that i am prego with a girl or twins because i have been so MOODY...haha I am due mid August.

So, with all these new becommings, a new year is a great way to get myself in order.
Last year is old news and the past..."it doesn't matter",  this is true to a degree..because of all we have learned in the past year is why this year is going to be that much better. We gain wisdom.
I am excited for it all..and hope YOU are too.
 As i have worked in design I did a campaign a few years ago called, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, this is not that new too many and hear and see this slogan many times in advertising but with it I still love what it encompasses. Leave all the bad negative things you dont like about 2011 and grasp 2012 by its horns and take control of YOUR weaknesses.

I am a freak control...or control freak (thank you pregnancy mind) an there are many aspects that I LOVE controlling. Especially my mind! This last year I dealt with something that has never bugged me before or never did I let it before..It was what others did, said, or didn't do that I let interfere with or override my happiness. I loathed this aspect and I believe that being home and not busy enough was part of this reason of why it BUGGED. Our minds are powerful things and the less we worry about what others think and do the more AMAZING, productive, positive, motivated we are and will DO Incredible things and I believe who we are supposed to be and NEED to be.

So, what are your goals this new year? How have your first few days been? with whatever your answer is...I hope you stay with it. whatever it may be, we are here to perfect ourselves and each day we are given this gift.

So, with the New Year and my 34th birthday coming up... I am doing a giveaway on my facebook page.
A FULL DIY PARTY PACKAGE (invite, toppers, thank yous, banner, welcome sign, buffet labels, guest name placements or toppers). Find my facebook page and enter to WIN!