Wednesday, August 31, 2011

maybe I should be sleeping

It's NINE O'CLOCK !! CURFEW!! LIGHTS OUT! what movie? well its really 10:00 over here in UT but that quote went thru my mind and that i should really be asleep...yet I am not. I'm a lil excited for a few things down the with popeye on my mind, if you didnt guess it..i thought how cute a illustration of a pig name olive would be..or perhaps another animal..just my creative mind at play...doodling & sketching away. It will be fun to see what comes out friday.
I should be asleep  but after today I want to feel like I got something done or some kind of relaxment (is that a word?). My day has been along one, my adorable almost 1 is, I believe acting like a 2 year old already. Not cool. He is not a 2 year old therefore he should not act like one, right? My son has learned "No", and told me twice NO and it made sense..does he understand the word? I believe he does.
His first birthday is a week away, he is growing so fast! I can't believe I have a one year old.
I am excited for friday..I have a few things to release for FRIDAY RELEASE DAY (i got to think of something cuter to say for friday release day) and we will see if i can wait that long :)
Well, I am going to go hit the matress but excited for the many giveaways coming up on different blogs..Once they are posted I will let you know here so you can have another chance at winning FREE stuff from moi, and possibly finding another awesome blog that you are not part of.
Enjoy your evening and thursday!
nitey nite

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

(winner) for my first giveaway for reaching 25 Followers

Erin Hudson you are the winner of a free Print/free shipping from my etsy store! Congrats!
Send me a email to with your shipping address and choice of Print within 24 hours! Yay !

Monday, August 29, 2011


Many of you may remember that a wee back I was going to do a giveaway..well thank to BPP followers and others we now have 25 followers. WOOT WOOT. To celebrate this goal fulfilled we will be having our very own giveaway here on this blog. I will announce a winner tomorrow morning  by 11:00am MST for a free PRINT from my etsy shop. Shipping is free. It will all be free.  Yay..I love mondays! I love Brown Paper Packages!


Good Morning all, and Welcome "Brown Paper Packages" Followers. Today I was suppose to wake up and go exercising at the wee hours of 5:30am..for some reason I have been a bear to get out of bed as of recent and no, I am not preggers :). I husband could wait a lil longer...but regardless of missing my exercise  I am being spotlighted on this darling blog

that is filled with the cutest crafts, organizing tips, house decor and delightful recipes..maybe if I just look at those recipes a lil bit longer it will satisfy my hunger to eat it. Maybe?
Become a follower on  her blog and for details...
We have giveaways on here to....and on facebook for deals deals deals.
This week I will be posting more christmas, halloween and wedding DIY Printables.
Yay for a new week. Yay for baby on your lap while typing this...Enjoy your Monday!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bubble Gum Flying

Hello All, it is another friday..and just less than two weeks when My baby boy, Maximus turns one.
I don't believe how time can go by so fast. He is a darling lil ginger and such a has truly been the highlight of my life so far, him and his wonderful handsome of man whom we call daddy.

Being a new mom and all and just one year under my belt it is no easy task, some days are really hard and we all need outlets. I love having my art as an outlet and grasping new creative ideas, or doing them better.Well, so for my friday release day, it has been a project I gave to myself to bring back some of the fun in being a kid and some fun dreams or imagination play...I, for one has always wished I could fly high up in the clouds, like those squirrel suits-maybe one day I will try it. I have been skydiving and that is amazing in its own but just to dive and glide...wouldn't that be fun?   Well ok, as I get side tracked again (happens a lot) bringing myself, I love bubble gum and the thought of why not combine the two ?  here you are... I may change it up but this is what I have and I am liking it a lot. Very fun!

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Friday!!!Friday Release Day!!!

It is Friday..and we are releasing our Go Bananas Monkey party theme. This is great for Baby shower or baby birthday, especially birthday for twins. It can be girly (hence the bow detail) or just boys or both!
Go buy it on etsy!

So many cute ideas from the menu to decor.
Banana creme Pie, Banana Laffy taffy, milk duds..for monkey droppings! Tropical Banana Slush aka Monkey Juice. Make vines hanging down from the ceiling! Put a pile of bananas for table decoration.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Lil Max's 1st Birthday

My lil boy, Max, will be one on Sept 7th. It is his FIRST! So, of course I have been getting so many ideas for his first special day..I am still trying to finalize what I want to do for it.
So, to all you mothers out there..what was your first first babys birthday theme? and what would you recommend or do differently??

These are what I have in mind so far.. DO a green color scheme with accents of blues of an alligator, turtle, and frog OR a train..Max does love choo choo trains..maybe a animal train or circus train?? hmmm so for now that is what i have been playing with. We will see if this is what i do. hehe