Friday, January 6, 2012

"Sweet 34"

happy birthday to me! happy birthday to me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME...happy birthday to moi!

yes it is is my birthday and i am the big 34 ! HOLLA!
my agenda for my birthday day :
sleep in til 7am
take prenatal
eat breakfast with cute max and dad
read thomas the train combo books atleast 10 times each
fill etsy orders
return redbox
go for run with max
go to park
make changes on etsy store while max sleeps
create more pieces for birthdays
3:00 nate berkus show- unless its a rerun
get things ready for gma & gpa to babysitt
shower get ready for bday dinner
announce winner for DIY Party Package on fb
bday dinner with hubby at the Mandarin (YUM!)

so far we are doing great! check check and check!

i dont feel much older until max and i took a walk to the park and decided to run. well many of you may know when you try to run when you havent for a few months its not the easiest to get back into. so our run quickly turned into a walk and day at the park.  YEP day at the park in january. it is gorgeous here in utah, no snow. not much moisture except for what i found on my buttocks and legs after going down the slide. So, all of you fellow farmington friends, the middle slide is dry. :) 

well, I am happy to announce that there are two giveaways going on.
There is just a few more hours for one, my DIY Party package Giveaway
on my facebook page. so if you havent liked my little miss missy fb page you still have a few more hours to do so! You can win the whole deal. invite, cupcake toppers, thank yous, banner, welcome sign, entree labels, guest name placements/toppers. Yeah, pretty awesome!

and for the other giveaway... on
you have a chance to win 4, 8x10 of my prints! Shannon, the redheaded hostess has such a darling blog and I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with her on a few projects. She is such a delight!
So become a follower of her blog and enter to win!

2 great giveaways!

heres to another year! cheers!

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