Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is here!

Holy Cow! It has been a LOOOONG time since my last post!

Well well well I do have my new baby here, Miles and he is DARLING! Just saying! He came August 17th. It was a very short fast delivery and stay at the hospital which= happiness in my book.
However I forget about hte post baby things that can have a not so pleasant feeling and dealing with.
My Miles was not grasping on (correctly) to my boobies a few days after we got home. Which meant I got bigger, and infected with Matistits (?) NOT FUN!!! I looked like i had porn boobs or dolly parton boobs, they were so heavy, so sensitive, I had to take a shower and as I was crying of the amount of pain it was I had to literally hold my boobs up to have some relief.  My Miles was trying So many times to latch on and he could n't hence being to big. I felt SO sorry for him it was making me cry and very frustrated , he was going hungry, I was in pain, it was so hard to see him try so many times and then it not work for him. That was the most heartbreaking thing about it.

truly it was the worst pain and never knew my boobs could hurt that BAD! THANKFULLY  I learned about this Nipple "Shield".  I called the lactating nurses where I delivered, went in for a lil help and she showed me this nifty tool/product. I cried I was so happy this was so much easier, he latched on like a charm, I was getting the relief I needed. Overall happy! This Medella nipple shiled acts as a suction cup and nipple extender. PURE GENIUS! It is made out of plastic, rubber and sticks on to your bare skin. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! So grateful for it!

It is amazing what we go thru for these cute lil babies of ours, but I am a firm believer my breast milk is best for my lil one. I don't want to do formula til he is older and if I have to. I love what it does for him and helps me too. There is a sweet bonding feeling too that is unexplainable unless you have breastfed. I truly love many aspects of being a mom, having a newborn here,

So with this New baby, my favorite time of year, FALL, and because I can I have a great Giveaway going on right now for a FULL DIY PARTY PACKAGE from my shoppe. Oh Yes! it is true.
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I know many of you know that I have lupus and I have been writing a post about it, editing it ( i have a tendency to go on tangents), and it is almost done hopefully soon. I find it interesting what is given to us while we are here on earth. what we let get us down or interefere with our happiness and those trials that pick us up and never give up! I wish some of these smaller things were as "easy" to deal with as my trial of lupus was/has been.

well, here is a cute picture of my lil one just after bath time :)
hopefully i can stay a lilmore consistent with posts and get on to doign more hands on crafts..ahh so many things I want to do :)