Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, NEW YOU!

Hello All and WELCOME 2012!

My 2011 was actually a good year but I love looking forward to new changes,  new adventures, new opportunities and NEW BABIES!! I am prego and so excited for this lil spirit to get here!
So far this pregnancy has been a lil different from Max, my first. I have been so nauscious, no appetite, so moody and hormones are flying and my heart burn has started early (NOT COOL) My own thoughts are that i am prego with a girl or twins because i have been so MOODY...haha I am due mid August.

So, with all these new becommings, a new year is a great way to get myself in order.
Last year is old news and the past..."it doesn't matter",  this is true to a degree..because of all we have learned in the past year is why this year is going to be that much better. We gain wisdom.
I am excited for it all..and hope YOU are too.
 As i have worked in design I did a campaign a few years ago called, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, this is not that new too many and hear and see this slogan many times in advertising but with it I still love what it encompasses. Leave all the bad negative things you dont like about 2011 and grasp 2012 by its horns and take control of YOUR weaknesses.

I am a freak control...or control freak (thank you pregnancy mind) an there are many aspects that I LOVE controlling. Especially my mind! This last year I dealt with something that has never bugged me before or never did I let it before..It was what others did, said, or didn't do that I let interfere with or override my happiness. I loathed this aspect and I believe that being home and not busy enough was part of this reason of why it BUGGED. Our minds are powerful things and the less we worry about what others think and do the more AMAZING, productive, positive, motivated we are and will DO Incredible things and I believe who we are supposed to be and NEED to be.

So, what are your goals this new year? How have your first few days been? with whatever your answer is...I hope you stay with it. whatever it may be, we are here to perfect ourselves and each day we are given this gift.

So, with the New Year and my 34th birthday coming up... I am doing a giveaway on my facebook page.
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