Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!! A year of allowing to have an amazing life full of abundance!

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Heres to a New Year. Cheers!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Take a Nap Snow" & FREE "Families are Foreve"r printable

Good Morning!
Rise and shined to a white landscape here in farmington, utah.
My Max (toddler) saw the snow falling, he doesn't yell but in a lil hefty voice he says "NO snow, take a nap snow!" It's pretty cute even though we don't mind the snow. Love him. Ok, so my mind is not all here, joys of this week, joy of being a mom, and a multi tasker/perfectionist in more ways than one. Yet SO forgetful. Oh well. So, I thought it would be fun to offer for just a few days a FREE download of "Families are Forever" stickers, along with the 30% OFF promocode to my etsy store, Little Miss Missy

On to the good stuff- SO the stickers (second pic shown) are 1" circles. You can make stickers by printing it on label paper and punch them out with a 1"punch. Use as table confetti or make a lil bunting banner.

There are 2 sticker sizes, 2 files:

or a

Please use them for personal use only, no reselling, please do not claim as your own, or reproduce, alter them in anyway. Let's be honest. If you aren't your nose grows and you become ugly. 

and heres the promocode to SAVE 30% OFF on the whole store. 
Check out all my other designs, Forget me not Magnets or bookmarks, I am a child of god bookmarks, prints, and my scripture mastery flash cards. The others will be coming soon. Almost done. So many fun things coming in the new year. I am excited to share with you all.

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Monday, December 16, 2013


Hello All!!! 
I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Mine has been bittersweet.
My parents leave the country to Manila Philippines for a LDS temple Mission, we had our
early christmas party and their farewell as they leave soon.

I love my parents they are the most humble, kind, giving and helpful to everyone.
They are always helping several families, some refuge families, others who they meet,
or friends and family. They will be amazing in the Philipines and know they will fit in
and can't wait to hear the people who they meet.

So with this week finally here, I have been thinking of the darling theme for Primary this new year
"Families are Forever" and thankful for this knowledge and blessing we have. I made these
last week, i think it was, my days are meshing together. I wanted them to be short simple and colorful.
This message makes me happy and I hope it does for you.

With the sweet bittersweet week. I wanted to offer a discount for just a few days of these fabulous printables and also everything in my store of 30% OFF promocode

Stay tuned for new items for next years theme, lesson/scripture helps, FHE changes in my ETSY store,
and some life time goals that I am finally allowing myself to have or try my foot at.

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I love the quote that says the things in life that get in the way are sometimes the shadows of ourselves or somthin like that. It is true. I know it has been for me. So, I hope you will join with me as I share more of me and my art with you and this journey on allowing us (you and me) to live our dreams. :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello All!!! 
Sorry I have been MIA. Life is crazy as you know it.
I have so many fun projects that I focus on that my blog gets abandoned.

So hopefully this lil somthin somthin makes up for my absence?! please. :)
Ok, so the new school year is on its way and i thought for new school year it would be oh so fun
to design some flash cards to help memorize Seminary/Institute
Scripture Mastery of the Book of Mormon.

So I have designed and listed Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Flash cards on my etsy store.
Truly they have been so fun to design and I am happy to say the scriptures and teachings have be rememorized into my mind. :)

I love how doodles/art help me and others so much to learning,
memorizing and makes more sense of it all. I truly love doing this for you and hope that
it not only helps your kids but you and as a family to help study the scriptures.

I feel blessed and love to hear how it help all of you.This makes me happy and this
is one of hte reasons why I keep doing what i am doing!
Thanks for letting me share with all of you.

As a lil gift I am giving you a promocode to even save more on these new printables.
for a 35% (how appropriate) Discount
Only for a limited time and only from this site for a few days. 

But these clever designed cards are here
and you can get them already colored
or black and white to color as you would like.

Enjoy! Have a great day!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Who likes pretty pictures? Raise your hand!
I LOVE pretty pictures. Clean, fresh, lively and simple that capture the subject and set the mood. Well, Every Now n then I do take some pretty pictures but I forget how to use my camera because I am not always around it. Sometimes its faster just to use my camera phone. Some things in life just get abandoned because we don't know how to fully use or control it. Like my sewing machine that I got from mothers day 2 years ago and have never used it.Yes, I hate to admit this but it is true because I have so many ideas and projects I want to do yet, it scares and it is a little intimidating and the thought of My Toddler, Max, "helping" me sew is a headache in its self. 

So yesterday...

I took a photo class yesterday from the amazing Katie Dudley (Photography).
At first we had a problem with my camera of the metering focus thingy
being locked in the top left area. So this one area was always the item in focus.
Anything closer to me was blurry. not cool. not pretty. not fun. very frustrating and
I was ready to cry. Thankfully Katie figured it out and on my way to a great day of learning tricks. I need to keep repeating to myself  ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and PRACTICE. PRACTICE PRACTICE.
NO more of this take some pics do good, 3 months pass, TRY taking pretty pics again,
getting frustrated cuz i forgot all that i learned previously and now all i get are blurry images.
Well I am happy to report I don't think I will need a photographer to photograph my babies.
Look what I was able to do. It is so fun and rewarding to see and get amazing results & understand what I need to do to get these results. Its all there for the most part we just need to know how to utilize the tools
(hmmm that liner goes towards a lot of things in life ).


Here we have busy boy get into everything, Max (2 1/2 years old).
He was too fast and I didn't get the dumping of scrabble
and tossing the bag but I did get this that lasted for a few seconds.
He loves his ABCs and knows and recognizes all his letters.
Then on his way to playing peekaboo with West (the pretty dog).

Some of these next pics of my darling Miles David and West together
are truly my favorite. I love that my boys are not afraid of big
strong, active, curious , powerful dogs. 

Could he be any cuter?? Even with drool and sweet potatoes on
his face those eyes and smile just captivate my everything.
Oh how I love my "sweet potatoes". "Oh my Max"
and "Oh my Miles"

(all these pics are the raw original images. no photoshop, no cropping, no altering)
as natural as it comes baby! "Whipppeee" for me. I feel proud. In a nice way.


It's amazing what one can do when you really put your best foot forward.
think of what you are doing.
trusting yourself to get amazing results
(this is an ongoing battle at times in many areas of my life)
take the time to learn
allow someone else to teach you
(we don't know everything and we can learn many great lessons,
tips n tricks we didn't even think about when we get out of our comfort
zone..again we aren't just talking photography here.)

Just bite the bullet and do it!
Quit talking about it and just DO.
A saying me and my roomies "the 3 M's" Miss (me), Mem and Moe)
would use was: "Buck up (name), Buck up!"

If we want to be good or amazing at something WE got to do it.
I loved in conference the talk about flipping the switch, let the light in.
I believe it was Ucthdorfs talk. I love the whole concept of light when you really think
about it all & the symbolism that it has for the SUN and also the SON of our Heavenly father.

So, there's a lot in life that no one is going to do for us it is all up to us to do.
We have to act upon and flip the switch, want the light in our life
This is my lil reminder to myself to get my butt into gear! "COCO ATTACK"
-Well, I hope you have a fabulous day!
— Moi

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Good Morning, Good Morning to you and you and you and you...

Ya know how there are certain songs that just add to a better mood?
it only feels better if you are dancing or clicking your heels..yeah think Gene Kelly
and me singing, or trying to sing. but it feels good. I love mornings like this!
Especially when I can do a nifty move!
Which brings me to my post for today.


There are those trials that we bring on ourself by our agency and
pay the consequences or the others that are placed before us that all we can do
is take each moment, or each day at a time, hope for the best give all we can
physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and not give up.

I was in an accident in May of 2000. No, it was not my fault.
With it I had some body aches, stiff neck, pain and thought over time,
like a few months tops I would be back to my "normal" hand standing crazy self.
I tried doing a handstand and collapsed, and knew something was really
wrong with me with such a sudden loss of strength. 

A few months passed with more unusual pain allover, feeling beyond weak,
deep muscle aches, swelling, chest/lung pain, I was sensitive to the sun more than ever, terrible circulation, my fingers would get white and then blue, gray. I couldn't do much of anything. Everyday basics became very difficult like opening door knobs ( i have a funny story about this), even hugging others or people touching me hurt so bad that all i could do was cry and express begging them to not touch me. So sad and not fun at all to tell them this because you saw in their eyes how much they wanted to relieve me of this pain. 

I had 7 months of no answers, back n forth ER visits, pain gallore. Finally a ER doctor that could direct me and had a answer. This was a huge relief to have a name to this, feel a lil better that I wasn't some weird unusual "wolf" thing, it was just lupus. What ever lupus is...

Lupus (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune, inflammatory disease.
Simply, we all have an immune system. When we get sick we have antibodies
that fight the viruses. Well in lupus these antibodies not only attack the invaders
but also our healthy important organs they can't tell the difference. :(

When I was diagnosed I was working full time, going to school full time and had just a lil more than a year left, I was young, single and wanting to date. The Spring Student Art Show was around the corner and I submitted a few pieces. Surprised & shocked
I won "Best of Show"  with this charcoal piece of mine of some darling old men.



5 years of a complete hell that I do not wish upon anyone. I was 22 that walked
like I was 92 . This disease robbed a great deal of my life, time, goals, vision, health. Yet I learned many great lessons, my faith was strengthened, my sense of humor changed, focus and priorities changed as did my relationships with my family and many others and with my Savior. Thankfully I could continue to do alot for myself especially when it came to dressing and going to the bathroom—Oh yes the bathroom! OK this is funny! With my symptoms I lost a lot of strength in my fingers & hands and still today hard to open jars and turn door knobs. I finish in the bathroom, wash my hands and dry them, and I try to open the door. Yeah I couldn't open it. I was weak, tired, I yelled for my brothers to help who were downstairs. I laughed, I waited, I was bored...finally Justin came to my rescue asked if I was ok... I laughed and said I have been yelling for you guys because I can't open the door (as I am laughing). It hurt but it was truly funny. I made up a song called
" I hope I go into remission" in the tune of a LDS song
" I Hope they call me on a mission" I will have to share those lyrics sometime.

As of today, I have been off all drugs (13 pills) for almost 4 years now. I changed my eating habits, diet, exercise, and put my health into my own hands and had faith that it wouldn't last forever and there was more to my life to still achieve and have.

Being able to laugh at myself thru hard times has been my medicine
when life brings not the greatest times and to not give up, take each days as it comes.
Click those heels together (if you can) and enjoy all the things you do have or can do.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello all. I hope you are having a fabulous tuesday.
So I have been redesigning my website and blog, and 
I don't know about you, but I go back n forth of a few designs
I have created. Somedays it is SO hard to settle on a design
when it comes to represents MOI. Anyone else out there like this?
I hope so..raise your hand to make me feel better. haha

So this design will have to do until I do finally pick and quit changing my designs.

OK. Well today I thought let's improve one thing right now.
Where I can DO & BE better.
Better in what?? you may ask


I will do my best. "baby steps" right?

talking about "baby"



check out my new profile pic. It is sort of old. 
My cute, 2nd "sweet potato" is just a few weeks old.
He is now 8 months old.

CRAZY! How fast time flies.

SO, I am a firm believer everyone has a story to tell.
We all are here to learn some great many things and to SHARE
many great and wonderful things that only we can do. So with that said
I want to share more of moi, who I am, my craziness and completer randomness,etc.
But I need some "follow suit" of organization with my random chaos thoughts so
I will be having new themes or things I post about every now and then.
I hope you like this new change and idea. I hope you will add to it
and share with me what you have learned, or feel free to email me or post
pictures of the cute printables you have from my Etsy shop.
I would love to see!


thats it for now..I'm sure I will add down the road to it.

SO heres to a new goal. It's never to late to start improving right?
:P Tomorrow will be a post with following suit of one of my themes.

Have a great night!

Friday, October 12, 2012

shabby apple giveaway

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beautiful dresses for a whole year.. enter today.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is here!

Holy Cow! It has been a LOOOONG time since my last post!

Well well well I do have my new baby here, Miles and he is DARLING! Just saying! He came August 17th. It was a very short fast delivery and stay at the hospital which= happiness in my book.
However I forget about hte post baby things that can have a not so pleasant feeling and dealing with.
My Miles was not grasping on (correctly) to my boobies a few days after we got home. Which meant I got bigger, and infected with Matistits (?) NOT FUN!!! I looked like i had porn boobs or dolly parton boobs, they were so heavy, so sensitive, I had to take a shower and as I was crying of the amount of pain it was I had to literally hold my boobs up to have some relief.  My Miles was trying So many times to latch on and he could n't hence being to big. I felt SO sorry for him it was making me cry and very frustrated , he was going hungry, I was in pain, it was so hard to see him try so many times and then it not work for him. That was the most heartbreaking thing about it.

truly it was the worst pain and never knew my boobs could hurt that BAD! THANKFULLY  I learned about this Nipple "Shield".  I called the lactating nurses where I delivered, went in for a lil help and she showed me this nifty tool/product. I cried I was so happy this was so much easier, he latched on like a charm, I was getting the relief I needed. Overall happy! This Medella nipple shiled acts as a suction cup and nipple extender. PURE GENIUS! It is made out of plastic, rubber and sticks on to your bare skin. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! So grateful for it!

It is amazing what we go thru for these cute lil babies of ours, but I am a firm believer my breast milk is best for my lil one. I don't want to do formula til he is older and if I have to. I love what it does for him and helps me too. There is a sweet bonding feeling too that is unexplainable unless you have breastfed. I truly love many aspects of being a mom, having a newborn here,

So with this New baby, my favorite time of year, FALL, and because I can I have a great Giveaway going on right now for a FULL DIY PARTY PACKAGE from my shoppe. Oh Yes! it is true.
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I know many of you know that I have lupus and I have been writing a post about it, editing it ( i have a tendency to go on tangents), and it is almost done hopefully soon. I find it interesting what is given to us while we are here on earth. what we let get us down or interefere with our happiness and those trials that pick us up and never give up! I wish some of these smaller things were as "easy" to deal with as my trial of lupus was/has been.

well, here is a cute picture of my lil one just after bath time :)
hopefully i can stay a lilmore consistent with posts and get on to doign more hands on crafts..ahh so many things I want to do :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello, So this weekend are you ready for your BBQ to celebrate and remember the fallen heroes of all kinds. Those who have served this country and those who have passed on and "served" in many other ways.

I feel blessed to know that I will see those who have passed on again and that gives me and i know many others great comfort. There is more to this life and more to when we pass on. We just aren't there on the other side to know all that it encompasses. Life is hard and will always be hard...we all will die and experience the beauty and the more that this life is all about.

to all the fallen heroes to help this country continue to be the USA and the lives that we have lost. Thank you!

I thought it would be quite appropriate to make some cute toppers to help celebrate this weekend, well monday and made it affordable for all. $5 for a 8.5x11 PDF Printable.

Visit my etsy shop to get yours HERE...

I know it can be hard times, SO I wanted everyone who came in sight with this to afford it!
If you cant afford the $5.. but would LOVE to have this. I have made
a download for you to have here:
May You All Have a Wonderful Memorial Day!

Best to you and yours,

Little Miss Missy

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

forgot link for bella bazaar

Yes, I am pregnant. have you noticed? I forgot to put in the pic for the Bella Bazaar info.
Here you are :)...

Oh what fun it is to...Have Primary Bookmarks!!

Yes Yes..the day is finally here. You wonderful people have given me great feedback and mentioned your requests of items you would like to the top request is for Primary bookmarks!

Being sold as a set of 4,  I love to see the temple, Choose the Right, Did you think to Pray, and I am a child of God!! Adorable fun, bright colors for any age!! If you need more than the set, message or email me and I will make a custom listing for you on etsy to purchase.
If you don't do etsy, but have a credit card I can charge you thru paypal. It's that easy.

I hope you enjoy them. I have them on hand today so start your order!

They are available at my show in Provo. I am going to be a vendor at the Bella Bazaar this Friday and Saturday. These and many ohter items that I sell will be there, so will I for most of the show. Come say hi, eat some yummy goodies, and shop all around! So many vendors of all kinds..see image below for details!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

April General Conference- Free Printables

Oh how I loved conference this past weekend! It truly is a breath of fresh air to let us all know we are ok, we need do to better however, or there are plenty of htings to change and be more like our Savior.
I love the men of this church, the apostles and prophet, I love how intuned they are, their sincerity, their love, and their strong unfailing testimony of this beautiful work. Life is hard, we all know this and it is goign to continue to do so SO ARE WE STRONG ENOUGH FOR THE CHALLENGES TO COME? Now is the time to strengthen our weaknesses..and to what I loved to gossiping (it seems like I am surrounded by it 10 fold) just STOP IT!

Well, here are a few FREE printables of the lovely talks that stood out to me. I missed a whole session (i know i know due to sleeping and being prego). I am going to listen and hey maybe you will get some more free printables out of it :)

. You are welcome to share these and share on your blog, just send them to here :). All the links are listed first, in the order as they are shown, here they are :):

 and now for easter on its way...MUAH! Love this time of year :)