Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's been awhile- and some Kentucky Derby themes

Wow, It has been a looooooong time since I wrote last. First trimester is over (YAY!) and I feel like I def have more energy and not as sick as I was...but now heartburn has been visiting alil more frequently and not fun. I didn't get this way til the last 2 months of my pregnancy with Max. Either way I will get a prescription for heart burn. I dont need it any worse.

We got back from our first family road trip..and of course we went to of all places Disneyland. Yes, over presidents day! It WAS SO BUSY!! But fun to see my boys face! HE loved it! Still pretty young to take it all in, but I was overall impressed of how he was in a hotel crib, new place...Next time I will get him a separate room so the husband and i can stay up .

So...I have been busy with some fun things and wanted to share..
I created some book covers for shannon foster of theredheadedhostess.com blog..Now available for Easter Gifts and just a nice study guide for all of "Names of Christ" it has 70 names she included to disect, study and then a few extra spots for us to find more! I truly can't wait to get my copy. See covers below :)


Also, I recently just got done (like an hour ago) with a darling Bridal Invite. The theme: Kentucky Derby (which includes fancy dresses, hats, roses and feathers) so here is what I came up with. It will be fun to see which one the customer chooses. SO fun! I love what I do! I had so many different styles in my mind that I coudlnt get them all down fast enough, but here they are: Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite?

Also, if YOU want a custom design for your next party event..message me I would love to help you with yours. They start at $15 and depending on a few details go up to about $35.