Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Take a Nap Snow" & FREE "Families are Foreve"r printable

Good Morning!
Rise and shined to a white landscape here in farmington, utah.
My Max (toddler) saw the snow falling, he doesn't yell but in a lil hefty voice he says "NO snow, take a nap snow!" It's pretty cute even though we don't mind the snow. Love him. Ok, so my mind is not all here, joys of this week, joy of being a mom, and a multi tasker/perfectionist in more ways than one. Yet SO forgetful. Oh well. So, I thought it would be fun to offer for just a few days a FREE download of "Families are Forever" stickers, along with the 30% OFF promocode to my etsy store, Little Miss Missy

On to the good stuff- SO the stickers (second pic shown) are 1" circles. You can make stickers by printing it on label paper and punch them out with a 1"punch. Use as table confetti or make a lil bunting banner.

There are 2 sticker sizes, 2 files:

or a

Please use them for personal use only, no reselling, please do not claim as your own, or reproduce, alter them in anyway. Let's be honest. If you aren't your nose grows and you become ugly. 

and heres the promocode to SAVE 30% OFF on the whole store. 
Check out all my other designs, Forget me not Magnets or bookmarks, I am a child of god bookmarks, prints, and my scripture mastery flash cards. The others will be coming soon. Almost done. So many fun things coming in the new year. I am excited to share with you all.

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I hope you love them!  :


Monday, December 16, 2013


Hello All!!! 
I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Mine has been bittersweet.
My parents leave the country to Manila Philippines for a LDS temple Mission, we had our
early christmas party and their farewell as they leave soon.

I love my parents they are the most humble, kind, giving and helpful to everyone.
They are always helping several families, some refuge families, others who they meet,
or friends and family. They will be amazing in the Philipines and know they will fit in
and can't wait to hear the people who they meet.

So with this week finally here, I have been thinking of the darling theme for Primary this new year
"Families are Forever" and thankful for this knowledge and blessing we have. I made these
last week, i think it was, my days are meshing together. I wanted them to be short simple and colorful.
This message makes me happy and I hope it does for you.

With the sweet bittersweet week. I wanted to offer a discount for just a few days of these fabulous printables and also everything in my store of 30% OFF promocode

Stay tuned for new items for next years theme, lesson/scripture helps, FHE changes in my ETSY store,
and some life time goals that I am finally allowing myself to have or try my foot at.

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I love the quote that says the things in life that get in the way are sometimes the shadows of ourselves or somthin like that. It is true. I know it has been for me. So, I hope you will join with me as I share more of me and my art with you and this journey on allowing us (you and me) to live our dreams. :)