Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello, So this weekend are you ready for your BBQ to celebrate and remember the fallen heroes of all kinds. Those who have served this country and those who have passed on and "served" in many other ways.

I feel blessed to know that I will see those who have passed on again and that gives me and i know many others great comfort. There is more to this life and more to when we pass on. We just aren't there on the other side to know all that it encompasses. Life is hard and will always be hard...we all will die and experience the beauty and the more that this life is all about.

to all the fallen heroes to help this country continue to be the USA and the lives that we have lost. Thank you!

I thought it would be quite appropriate to make some cute toppers to help celebrate this weekend, well monday and made it affordable for all. $5 for a 8.5x11 PDF Printable.

Visit my etsy shop to get yours HERE...

I know it can be hard times, SO I wanted everyone who came in sight with this to afford it!
If you cant afford the $5.. but would LOVE to have this. I have made
a download for you to have here:
May You All Have a Wonderful Memorial Day!

Best to you and yours,

Little Miss Missy

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