Friday, September 2, 2011

Is it friday yet? YES it is..FRIDAY RELEASE DAY!!

here is the start of some cute halloween tags,- some more ideas to share with friends and family or even teh school classroom. and some sweet and simple girls modern flower birthday theme (or baby shower or wedding)..k, cute is this invite? The girls will be attending a favorite Broadway show, Mary Poppins, so with that in mind..we added some Phrases from the darling show and made it a lil more personalized and reflect the evening, for her guests. I love this.. I hope you do to. A few more things coming down the road later in the afternoon. I hope you enjoy. They all will be listed on etsy soon.

Happy Friday all and even better a labor day of a weekend..DID YOU KNOW Last year I went into labor on labor ironic don't ya think? I think it's funny....I had my darling Max the following day. Can't believe he is almost one in a few days. He does the cutest know that part on finding nemo in the fish tank, where he is becoming part of the club? and they do that ahhh he wa hee oh ho ho..well max will say this and bounce up and down while he is saying it. It is the cutest thing. He does it as he climbs our stairs too like he his nemo going up the volcano. pretty darn cute! love him.

Happy Friday all :)

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