Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Falling into fall

I do love summer but one of my favorite times of year is the fall. Our pretty mountains that we are surrounded by, the pretty colors that echo fall and ring in the holiday season...and the crisp air and yummy aromas of the food that is in season this time of year. Let's just say pumpkin apple caramel pie/cheesescake. Simply bliss and a party in my mouth :). these are the yummy smells of "home".So with fall on my mind and the many joys it brings here is a lil something somthin to bring in the fall season.

the 411 and some inside info of my process....it is always interesting how artists go about their work. I always start fresh and with hand sketches. I am always fond of drawing, sketching. It makes me happy. Once I get a solid design and I am happy with it, some times after hours or days of refining, I scan it in to my wonderful mac(apple) computer. Bring in the sketch and had either  my pictures of some amazing textures I have found or either found some textures. I love combining many resources. Quick tangent and I promise to get back :)...One of my loves and joys is oil painting on a rich or old beaten down piece of wood, let the wood shape my art. hmmm simply beautiful and a rich vintage feel. Love this. SO back to my process, after I bring in all the resources(hand sketch, textures, patterns, etc) and I apply color and add text and...VOILA!

So..here is a design for fall. I hope you enjoy!

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