Wednesday, August 31, 2011

maybe I should be sleeping

It's NINE O'CLOCK !! CURFEW!! LIGHTS OUT! what movie? well its really 10:00 over here in UT but that quote went thru my mind and that i should really be asleep...yet I am not. I'm a lil excited for a few things down the with popeye on my mind, if you didnt guess it..i thought how cute a illustration of a pig name olive would be..or perhaps another animal..just my creative mind at play...doodling & sketching away. It will be fun to see what comes out friday.
I should be asleep  but after today I want to feel like I got something done or some kind of relaxment (is that a word?). My day has been along one, my adorable almost 1 is, I believe acting like a 2 year old already. Not cool. He is not a 2 year old therefore he should not act like one, right? My son has learned "No", and told me twice NO and it made sense..does he understand the word? I believe he does.
His first birthday is a week away, he is growing so fast! I can't believe I have a one year old.
I am excited for friday..I have a few things to release for FRIDAY RELEASE DAY (i got to think of something cuter to say for friday release day) and we will see if i can wait that long :)
Well, I am going to go hit the matress but excited for the many giveaways coming up on different blogs..Once they are posted I will let you know here so you can have another chance at winning FREE stuff from moi, and possibly finding another awesome blog that you are not part of.
Enjoy your evening and thursday!
nitey nite

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