Friday, August 26, 2011

Bubble Gum Flying

Hello All, it is another friday..and just less than two weeks when My baby boy, Maximus turns one.
I don't believe how time can go by so fast. He is a darling lil ginger and such a has truly been the highlight of my life so far, him and his wonderful handsome of man whom we call daddy.

Being a new mom and all and just one year under my belt it is no easy task, some days are really hard and we all need outlets. I love having my art as an outlet and grasping new creative ideas, or doing them better.Well, so for my friday release day, it has been a project I gave to myself to bring back some of the fun in being a kid and some fun dreams or imagination play...I, for one has always wished I could fly high up in the clouds, like those squirrel suits-maybe one day I will try it. I have been skydiving and that is amazing in its own but just to dive and glide...wouldn't that be fun?   Well ok, as I get side tracked again (happens a lot) bringing myself, I love bubble gum and the thought of why not combine the two ?  here you are... I may change it up but this is what I have and I am liking it a lot. Very fun!

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