Monday, August 29, 2011


Good Morning all, and Welcome "Brown Paper Packages" Followers. Today I was suppose to wake up and go exercising at the wee hours of 5:30am..for some reason I have been a bear to get out of bed as of recent and no, I am not preggers :). I husband could wait a lil longer...but regardless of missing my exercise  I am being spotlighted on this darling blog

that is filled with the cutest crafts, organizing tips, house decor and delightful recipes..maybe if I just look at those recipes a lil bit longer it will satisfy my hunger to eat it. Maybe?
Become a follower on  her blog and for details...
We have giveaways on here to....and on facebook for deals deals deals.
This week I will be posting more christmas, halloween and wedding DIY Printables.
Yay for a new week. Yay for baby on your lap while typing this...Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Love your prints. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thank You Becky! I am excited for the giveaway, fun times. I will have to do more of them :)