Sunday, December 11, 2011

monday monday monday- CYBER SALE

Hello all and welcome to MONDAY! Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat! Please put a listing in your etsy cart (from my store of course)!!  It is CYBER MONDAY SALE at 40% OFF everything...oh yes!

Do you need a design for your christmas card? well there is still time! Have me design a custom card for lil ol you or use a existing design from my shop! Then, I will send you your printable file and you can go to online printers (like costco, walgreens, sams, walmart) or get them professionally printed at your local printer.

ahh I have been thinking of my new year resolutions..and one of them is to be better at posting here on my blog, to be more open and share trials, ideas, how tos, and more of the creative craziness that is in my mind, and also to do crafts and show you how to do it, yes this is adventurous and I ask to be patient and I hope you enjoy the new ride!

"heers" to a new year and goodbye to 2011.

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