Monday, January 3, 2011

Murals! Murals!

I was hired to do this mural with some 2nd graders at Escalante Elementary. They are the "Explorers" we thought of different fun locations in the world or the other "worlds" within this world of ours to paint. All of them did an awesome job and so rewarding to work with! Thank you you lil artists!

Koans Mural-
This was another fun mural. I didn't have much of a social single life with working full time, exercising 5 times a week, and this mural..but it was well worth it! It is so fun to show my ideas to clients and then for them to accept and bounce more ideas off of either to create the final result. The job included the mural of a treehouse & animals, bathtime, bowties, and just for kicks (12x12 paintings to go in slots of the book shelf). I love the bow ties added to the animals.

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