Monday, January 3, 2011

The Beginning

It is true, I have entered the world of blogging (applause applause) we will start at the beginning it's "a very good place to start" so Do-Re-Mi here we go.

I have once heard do what you think about when you wake up and as you retire to bed..this is what you must do as a career/business. It is in you, you are thinking it it and love it! So with that said I love design. I think, "eat", sleep design..and all the many attributes, ideas, possibilities that come with this great job of mine.

From Corporate Identity (Logos), Manuals, Ads, New Promos, Mailers, Children Illustration, Murals, Stickers, Bridal Showers, Wedding Invitations, Baby, Holiday Cards, Stickers, Growth Charts, Darling Decor...I enjoy it all! So this blog is to display many great jobs/clients I have designed for..or simply the love of creating my own lil things. If you are interested in a piece or a custom job I would love to do it for you..please contact me. Enjoy!

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