Monday, January 17, 2011

January Birthdays

 January is a great month, not only is it MY birthday month but also my nieces, Bekah. So, I made her a birthday card of the cutest cat, she loves kitty cats, and well I fell in love with it too and didn't want to give it to her BUT of course I did, I just made me another one.. As i gave it to her she asked me if it was a "boy" kitty or a "girl" kitty, I told her it can be whatever she would like it to be. and so for a few seconds it was a boy, but it is now a girl.. as for is a boy kitty and I named him Harper. The card was quite more decorated with a cat bowl with 4 candles in it, and balloons and a lil sign that wished a happy birthday to the birthday girl! :)

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