Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello All!!! 
Sorry I have been MIA. Life is crazy as you know it.
I have so many fun projects that I focus on that my blog gets abandoned.

So hopefully this lil somthin somthin makes up for my absence?! please. :)
Ok, so the new school year is on its way and i thought for new school year it would be oh so fun
to design some flash cards to help memorize Seminary/Institute
Scripture Mastery of the Book of Mormon.

So I have designed and listed Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Flash cards on my etsy store.
Truly they have been so fun to design and I am happy to say the scriptures and teachings have be rememorized into my mind. :)

I love how doodles/art help me and others so much to learning,
memorizing and makes more sense of it all. I truly love doing this for you and hope that
it not only helps your kids but you and as a family to help study the scriptures.

I feel blessed and love to hear how it help all of you.This makes me happy and this
is one of hte reasons why I keep doing what i am doing!
Thanks for letting me share with all of you.

As a lil gift I am giving you a promocode to even save more on these new printables.
for a 35% (how appropriate) Discount
Only for a limited time and only from this site for a few days. 

But these clever designed cards are here
and you can get them already colored
or black and white to color as you would like.

Enjoy! Have a great day!


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