Thursday, April 11, 2013

Who likes pretty pictures? Raise your hand!
I LOVE pretty pictures. Clean, fresh, lively and simple that capture the subject and set the mood. Well, Every Now n then I do take some pretty pictures but I forget how to use my camera because I am not always around it. Sometimes its faster just to use my camera phone. Some things in life just get abandoned because we don't know how to fully use or control it. Like my sewing machine that I got from mothers day 2 years ago and have never used it.Yes, I hate to admit this but it is true because I have so many ideas and projects I want to do yet, it scares and it is a little intimidating and the thought of My Toddler, Max, "helping" me sew is a headache in its self. 

So yesterday...

I took a photo class yesterday from the amazing Katie Dudley (Photography).
At first we had a problem with my camera of the metering focus thingy
being locked in the top left area. So this one area was always the item in focus.
Anything closer to me was blurry. not cool. not pretty. not fun. very frustrating and
I was ready to cry. Thankfully Katie figured it out and on my way to a great day of learning tricks. I need to keep repeating to myself  ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and PRACTICE. PRACTICE PRACTICE.
NO more of this take some pics do good, 3 months pass, TRY taking pretty pics again,
getting frustrated cuz i forgot all that i learned previously and now all i get are blurry images.
Well I am happy to report I don't think I will need a photographer to photograph my babies.
Look what I was able to do. It is so fun and rewarding to see and get amazing results & understand what I need to do to get these results. Its all there for the most part we just need to know how to utilize the tools
(hmmm that liner goes towards a lot of things in life ).


Here we have busy boy get into everything, Max (2 1/2 years old).
He was too fast and I didn't get the dumping of scrabble
and tossing the bag but I did get this that lasted for a few seconds.
He loves his ABCs and knows and recognizes all his letters.
Then on his way to playing peekaboo with West (the pretty dog).

Some of these next pics of my darling Miles David and West together
are truly my favorite. I love that my boys are not afraid of big
strong, active, curious , powerful dogs. 

Could he be any cuter?? Even with drool and sweet potatoes on
his face those eyes and smile just captivate my everything.
Oh how I love my "sweet potatoes". "Oh my Max"
and "Oh my Miles"

(all these pics are the raw original images. no photoshop, no cropping, no altering)
as natural as it comes baby! "Whipppeee" for me. I feel proud. In a nice way.


It's amazing what one can do when you really put your best foot forward.
think of what you are doing.
trusting yourself to get amazing results
(this is an ongoing battle at times in many areas of my life)
take the time to learn
allow someone else to teach you
(we don't know everything and we can learn many great lessons,
tips n tricks we didn't even think about when we get out of our comfort
zone..again we aren't just talking photography here.)

Just bite the bullet and do it!
Quit talking about it and just DO.
A saying me and my roomies "the 3 M's" Miss (me), Mem and Moe)
would use was: "Buck up (name), Buck up!"

If we want to be good or amazing at something WE got to do it.
I loved in conference the talk about flipping the switch, let the light in.
I believe it was Ucthdorfs talk. I love the whole concept of light when you really think
about it all & the symbolism that it has for the SUN and also the SON of our Heavenly father.

So, there's a lot in life that no one is going to do for us it is all up to us to do.
We have to act upon and flip the switch, want the light in our life
This is my lil reminder to myself to get my butt into gear! "COCO ATTACK"
-Well, I hope you have a fabulous day!
— Moi

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