Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner DIY Printable Set

i am a great big lover of thanksgiving! gathering as our immediate family or with the extended "small" utah family of more than 100 (that is just my fathers side).  I love the smells, the laughter and joy of having family together. my favorite meal by far is thanksgiving dinner! YUM! YUM!

it is a special time of year, and a great way to add to this beautiful presentation of a feast, is make your guests feel extra special with adding some personalization. I made this thanksgiving set to add to the sweet spirit and gratitude of this holiday. Have personal name placements , a thank you or tag that can go around a lil gift or napkin and highlight the dessert table with dessert signs.

It is a fun simple beautiful way to tie everything together. So pretty!

If you have some family traditions we can def make things to fit your day, How about "I am thankful for" cards, the menu or program, name placements, cupcake toppers, tags, thank yous, dessert/entree signs or a welcome sign. The ideas are endless.

i am very much looking forward to thanksgiving. I went cold turkey (hehehehe- perfect phrase for this time of year) and have not been drinking soda or eating any treats, it has been a week now and I am doing pretty darn awesome! My free day to eat is thanksgiving day :) so yes I am counting down to eating some pumpkin and apple pie together with some whip cream and carmel sauce and maybe some pecans sprinkled on top!

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