Monday, October 24, 2011

Christmas Jubilee

Good Morning!! obviously I can not get to bed. All sunday I had a headache, I was in our car heading to grandmas and still had htis headache. So around 7:00pm I took some pills that have some caffine in it. Word to the wise....You shouldn't take these from 5-8 hours before bed time. Hence me being up still, but I am happy to report the headache is gone. Being a mom and all, sometimes  you dont get alot done during the taking advantage if you will. I have been able to get SO much done since max and hubby is asleep. Won't be very cool when I go to sleep and see how much sleep I do get.

happy to announce I have added a few things here-n-there of more Holiday cheer. From more designs for your Family Holiday cards to Already Printed  and presenting my Mister snowman from a birds view Card & Sticker set.

I love these. I did these many years ago. Loved the design and felt this has never been done before from this perspective. So, I got me a fancy expensive lawyer and got them copyrighted. I have made these cards & stickers! So cute, Right?! I love them. They also make some darling cookie decorating and cupcake designs, wood cutouts, and fabric details.

I have been selling them around the holiday season and now listing them for you to enjoy!

It is a limited stock. When they are gone they are gone. I am only posting a few at a time.

If you would like them in larger qtys email or message me on here or my etsy store and we can see if we can get you how many you need!!

have a great monday!!! Hopefully I can get to sleep here soon!


  1. over from ttj ... but these are CUTE! i so wish i had actual design skills...

  2. Coming from tatertots and Jello.
    Great creativity. Keep up the good work!

  3. Just came by from Tatertots & Jello! I love your work and I'm so excited about this giveaway!

  4. Here from TTJ. Love your designs! Makes me wish I was more creative...

  5. Such a Cute blog! just popped in from TT&J!

  6. Your stuff is so cute! Just dropping in from TT&J

  7. Hello Ladies!!! Welcome welcome

    @ Donna, Thank you for the compliment! Glad you stopped by.

    @ Britt
    Thanks, I am still learning on all the fun tricks blogs can have! Glad you stopped by.

    @ Natalie, thank you. I am sure you are creative!!!

    @ Alli. So glad you came by! I am pretty excited about the giveaway to! hehe

    @ Isabelle. Thank you. I checked out your blog to..loving all the paris theme and that all baby stuff. makes me want a girl and do a paris theme :). Love it!

    @ Lisa. Thanks for coming by. I promise we are ALL creative in some shape or fashion. happy to share mine :)

  8. love your xmas diy printabls. tt&j sent me

  9. thanks charissa and welcome :)