Friday, July 15, 2011

Race Cars

Hello all. YAY for Friday! It's friday right? Sometime my days and weeks all mesh together I do not know what day it is. Well I have been up to a few things, added more prints, party hats, cupcake wrappers, and party invites to my etsy store.

I love birthdays! It is so fun to design for them and get all these details that just make these darling kids feel extra special. We are all like kids, we love free stuff, especially if we like it. I love and still love getting paint swatches from home depot or material swatches. It just makes me happy. So of course we need to do more for our little kids birthday or big kid birthdays and have fun details for them to take home.

It is my husbands birthday on July 29th and I want to go all out with details details details.All he wants is go to Cowboys & Aliens and din din. perhaps on his next milestone of a birthday I can go ALL out :).

for now I will have to endulge on these kids birthdays and help you guys have some extra fun details to make your childs birthday or yours that much cooler. I am working on a Race Car theme..and well here is what I have so far and more will be coming and all added to my Etsy shop.
Invite, ticket Invite, VIP Party Pass, cupcake toppers, signage, banner and party hats. Yay for Birthdays.

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